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[C01056] 정보화와국제관계
개설 | 20131학기
대상 | 사회과학대학 사회과학부 4학년 / 전공선택과목 [2학점]
교수 | 김치욱
조회 1935 | 다운로드 626
Information revolution(IRev), that is, innovation in information and telecommunication(ITC) technologies, results in drastic changes in the fundamental dynamics of international relations(IR). This course aims at understanding this IRev-IR interactions. Typically, IRev changes the locus and modus operandi of power at both domestic and inter-state levels. It facilitates the rise of new ways of life in almost all areas of world politics such as security, production, trade, finance, and social movements as well. Thus, this course examines the contents and implications of key changes in world politics, made by information revolution. Also, we discuss the relevant national strategies for Korea to effectively cope with global informational politics.
Deepen our understanding about the political implications of information revolution for international relations.
주요 학습내용 및 수업진행방법
lecture & discussion
학습 성과 평가방법
Attendance & participation: 20%
Quiz: 10%
Midterm exam(in English): 30%
Final exam(in English): 40%
교재 및 참고문헌
* Hanson, Elizabeth C. 2008. The Information Revolution and World Politics. Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield.
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