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[E01460] 분자핵산생화학
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대상 | 자연과학대학 생명과학부 3학년 / 전공선택과목 [3학점]
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조회 2424 | 다운로드 1970
Molecular biology is the study of what genes are and how they work at the molecular level and the disciplines of genetics and Biochemistry.
The fundamental principles of molecular biology were discovered in prokaryotes. Since eukaryotes are composed of more complex systems than prokaryotes, the principles in eukaryotes are expected to be different and diverse. In fact, many distinctive principles were found in eukaryotic model organisms.
This course covers eukaryotic genomes discovered by genome sequencing, DNA replication and repair, transcription and RNA processing, translation, genome regulation, and an overview of functional genomics at the molecular mechanism level. In addition, this course will provide insights into understanding of life at the molecular level.
주요 학습내용 및 수업진행방법
The course is primarily lecture-based, but is incorporated by reading and reviewing research articles.
학습 성과 평가방법
participation:10, Mid-term Exam : 40, Final Exam : 40
교재 및 참고문헌
Text book: Molecular Biology 2008, Robert F. Weaver, 4th ED
1. Molecular biology of the gene, 2004
2. Genomes
3. Genes VII
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