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[G01851] 대기오염제어공학
개설 | 20092학기
대상 | 공과대학 건설환경공학부 3학년 / 전공선택과목 [3학점]
교수 | 이병규
조회 4600 | 다운로드 13138
Air Pollution Control (APC) course deals with basic technologies and principles of emission reduction of air pollution (or air pollutants) at sources. APC course provides basic principles and characteristics of APC devices to apply them at fields or processes. Recent technologies and research are also discussed or presented by students in the class. Field trips or site visits could be organized for better understanding of APC devices and their operation practice. This course is usually given every fall semester for the junior students who wants to major in environmental engineering or civil and environmental engineering
1) Introduction of air pollution control concepts, principles, and technologies
2) Providing particle size distribution and minimizing environmental helath effefcts due to PM exposure
3) Improving better understaning effective ventilation technologies
4) Broadening operation principles and application of air pollution devices
주요 학습내용 및 수업진행방법
The professor lectures about the basic principles of air pollution control and the design, selection and application of air pollution control technologies. Control starategise for air pollution emission reduction at sources are also discussed in class. English textbook and references, case studies, and proper visual aids are utilized for classes. Recent hot issues and technologies of air pollution control are presented by students and discussed in classes. The lectures are provided in English. Industrial site vistis for improvement of understanding of air pollution control facilities would be included.
학습 성과 평가방법
Mid-term exam (35 - 40%), Final exam (35 - 40%), Homeworks or quizes (10%), Presentation (15 - 30%), Attendance (0 - 10%).
This syllubus is intended to serve only as a guide and it is suject to change.
교재 및 참고문헌
Textbook: Air Pollution Control: Its Origin and Control, 3rd Edition,
K. Wark, C.F. Warner, and W.T. Davis, Addisin-Wesley, 1998.
References: 1. Air Pollution Control: A Design Approach, 23r Edition,
C.D. Cooper and F.C. Alley, Waveland Press, Inc., 2002.
2. Process Enginering and Design for Air Pollution,
J. Benitz, PTR Prentice Hall, 1993.
3. 신제 대기오염 방지공학, 향문사, 2002, 이병규 외.
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