[G01800] 대기오염론
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[G01800] 대기오염론
개설 | 20091학기
대상 | 공과대학 건설환경공학부 3학년 / 전공선택과목 [3학점]
교수 | 이병규
조회 4516 | 다운로드 6685
Air Pollution Phenomenology (APP) course deals with basic sciences to understand air pollution. The APP course provides concepts, types, sources, and concentration conversion of air pollution or air pollutants. This course is designed to improve basic understanding of air pollution phenomena which are affected by meteorological factors or conditions, such as lapse late, atmospheric stability, mixing height, and wind rose. Also, this course provides concepts and theories of atmospheric dispersion and concentration estimate at receptors using Gaussian dispersion equations and models. The causes, problems and solutions related to global environmental issues such as ozone depletion or hole in the stratosphere and greenhouse effects. Kyoto protocol, Kyoto mechanisms, and CDM projects are also discussed. Recent technologies and research trends of air pollution phenomena and control are also discussed or presented by students in the class. This course is usually given every spring semester for the junior students who want to major in environmental engineering or civil and environmental engineering.
2. (Basics of Classification and Sources of Air Pollutants)
12. (Understanding Air Pollution Meteorology and Dispersion)
14. (Causes, Effects and Solutions of Ozone Depletion and Greenhouse Effects)
주요 학습내용 및 수업진행방법
The professor lectures about the basics of air pollution phenomenology and the basic theories and principles for solving of air pollution problems. English textbook and references, case studies, and proper visual aids are utilized for classes. Recent hot issues and technologies of air pollution are presented by students and discussed in classes. The lectures are provided in English.
학습 성과 평가방법
Mid-term exam (35%), Final exam (35%), Homeworks or quizes (10%), Presentation (15 - 30%), Attendance (0 - 10%).
교재 및 참고문헌
Textbook: "Air Pollution: Its Origin and Control", 3rd Ed., Wark, Warner, and Davis, Addison wesley, 1988.
References: "Air Control: A design approach", 3rd Ed., Cooper and Alley, Waveland Press. Inc., 2002.
"Environmental Chemistry", C. Baird, Freeman, 1995.
"Fundmentals of Air Pollution", 3rd Ed., Bobel, Fox, Turner, Stern, Academic Press, 1994.
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