[E01317] 미적분학II
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[E01317] 미적분학II
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대상 | 공과대학 조선해양공학부 1학년 / 기초필수과목 [3학점]
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조회 4198 | 다운로드 3576
This course is designed to give freshmen who have some understandings for calculus of functions of one variable backgrounds for advanced calculus.

In the first part, infinite series and parametric equations are introduced and are studied. Also the vector functions that is essential to the understanding of the space curve and the plane in space, are introduced. Consequently functions of two or more variables will be taught. and the multi-integrals for the functions of multi-variables and their integrations are studied.
1. To understand all definitions for Calculus and to improve the compututation.
2. The convertation into intuitive thoughts by stydent's presentation - the mathematical improvement thinking
주요 학습내용 및 수업진행방법
As a calculus course for students in the ship building engineering department, this course will be taught in English. To help students' understanding, explanations of terminologies summarization will be given inKorean sometimes.
학습 성과 평가방법
Your grade of this class will be given by considering your score in the total 400 points that consists of 1st exam: 100p'ts, 2nd: 100p'ts, 3rd: 100p'ts, Reports: 10p'ts, Attendances 10p'ts, Office-Visit: 5p'ts and Q&A: more than 5p'ts. Please take a note: course grades might not be determined by a relative scale based on Ulsan university regulations(guidelines). The criteria of course grade will be opened at professor's homepage ; http://cms.ulsan.ac.kr/gichae/ and they will be explained at the first time of class.
교재 및 참고문헌
1. Textbook: Calculus, R. T. Smith and R. B. Minton, 2nd edition, the McGraw Hill company, 2002
2. References: Calculus, Thomas and Finney , Addison and Wesley, tenth Edition, 2000
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